Plant More Trees

Plant More Trees: An Initiative to Make the World Greener

Agriculture is the main source of income for the people living in the villages of Uttarakhand where fluctuating weather conditions and a rise in pollution has become a major problem. Devtarat foundation has initiated a plant more tree campaign in the most challenging terrain in the cold arid desert of Almora.

This Himalayan region has been largely impacted by landslides and floods, disturbing the regional flora and fauna of Himalayan villages. We aim to plant 1,000 trees in the small village Timtha of Almora. We utilize an innovative technique which allows more trees to grow on a small patch of land. The sapling requires only 2 years of maintenance and no care afterwards.

This method helps the forest to grow then times faster and absorb high amounts of carbon dioxide that aims to reduce pollution levels in the area. You can donate to show your support! Become a member of the Plant More Trees initiative to make the world greener by donating.

Region: Timtha Village, Almora, Uttrakhand.
No. Of Tree: 1000
Fund required: Rs.  1,00,000/-

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