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DevTara Foundation is envisioned to rural development, health, education, and women empowerment to bring lasting change in the overall livelihood of marginalized people. We are always looking for young and enthusiastic minds that can aid us to create a change along with being a change. Regardless of your passion, we always welcome opportunities with endless vision.

Extend Donations
When you donate, you’re giving an individual a renewed strength to fight his/her problems. One of the easiest, fastest and effective way to contribute to rural development is through money support. With your contribution, we can reach out to more and more individuals in need of specific interventions. Your support will go a long way in helping us with our efforts.

Become A Volunteer
Become a volunteer with DevTara Foundation by contributing your time and service at any project location. It could be an adverse environment like disaster zones or peaceful communities struggling with health, livelihood, or education opportunities. While you can be there to learn or help others to make a difference. We actively look for volunteers, who would be able to help us in our project work, raise funds, support campaigns, organize events, and participate during emergency relief work. For voluntary work, write to us at [email protected]


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