Art Camp Rajasthan

The Art Of Transforming Weakness Into A Strength

There are thousands of young students aspiring to become a doctor, police, a pilot, or a teacher. These kids are the only hope of a good future of their needy parents or guardians, while they’re raising them with great difficulty.

Mental behaviour like hypertension and anger are common among these young kids. Though being gifted with sharp minds, they are unable to use their potential. DevTara Foundation with Roy Meghwal, a volunteer artist, conducted a two-day art camp in a Rajasthan’s government school on 10th and 11th of April, 2017. The camp helped teachers and counsellors to understand the kind of support kids required for the success of their journey.

The art camp was initiated with all materials like brushes, paper, paint, etc. by DevTara Foundation. With intensive efforts put in place, we successfully managed to bring smiles to lots of little faces with DevTara Foundation’s first educational art camp.

The art camp also helped students integrating with their classmates again. The appreciation was noticeable as several children were interactive and started to develop cognitive, social, and emotional behaviour. These skills are important to improve a child ‘s overall academic performance. The happy laughter of the children made the efforts all worthwhile. We hope to make more children around the country laugh with joy soon.

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