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DevTara Foundation is committed to bringing lasting changes in the lives of people living in the rural areas of India. We promote and support all rural development causes that position us uniquely to address wide sector needs. We are a team of dedicated volunteers, spreading knowledge and experience to diverse development sectors.


Education is an important tool that allows individuals to take part in decisions that directly impact their lives. It is a means of both facilitating learning and gaining knowledge. We are committed to empower an individual with skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Thus, enabling one to earn a basic livelihood, and creating awareness – from healthcare opportunities, social behaviour, to understanding one’s basic human rights. We focus on:
  • Improving the conditions by which children, especially girls, those in marginalised communities can have access to quality education 
  • Technological support for improving formal school systems 
  • Following the enactment of the Right to Education Act


Delivering healthcare to over millions of people is a challenging task. DevTara works in close collaboration with State and Central Governments to secure healthcare among men, women, and children in India. We work towards identifying the root cause of healthcare challenges. This is done through:

  • Promoting essential care of new-borns
  • Reducing the chances of malnutrition, immunisation, maternal death, and more
  • Sensitizing the society in the designated areas to ensure quality health facilities 
  • Preventing infant and maternal deaths

Water Conservation

We all take water for granted and we forget millions of those who do not have access to it. Water conservation is a complex issue. It requires dynamic strategy where the problem seems to outpace the solution. At DevTara, we work towards bringing in long-term sustainable impact. We address important issues of drinking water and sanitation..
  1. Water security
  2. Water Conflicts
  3. Rural Sanitation
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