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At Times, We Just Need An Inspiration To Start Something Beautiful

DevTara Foundation, a not-for-profit organization began with a family initiative. As far back as 2015, when its Founder Mr. Mohan Singh Rawat lost his brother Mr. Nandan Singh Rawat.

Sometimes when we deal with serious problems like Swine Flu in life, regardless of watching the world wandering happily with what they want, we either drown or weep in our sorrows. Because we are the only one in the unfortunate situation. But the reality is that every human life comes with its own set of challenges.

In 2015, Nandan Rawat, sibling to Mohan Rawat, was admitted to a hospital. Mohan had unforeseen this situation of having to come up with huge finances to treat his critically ill brother. It was the time when Nandan’s family and colleagues came forward in accord to support Mohan with a generous donation. Nandan Rawat was a talented and smart individual. He worked at Impulse India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, as a Senior Accountant.

It was the day when doctors found multiple congenital defects that shattered the dreams of Mohan and other family members. Everyone was devastated and could not understand a sudden warning. They had no choice but to accept the inevitable reality. The whole family and colleagues went through a phase of agony.

Today, Mohan runs DevTara Foundation with the help of a dedicated team, for the betterment of the people in need. Fate was not kind and the only thing to renew Mohan’s conviction was to combine this with extraordinary generosity. Consequently, transform his perspective to make a difference in other people’s lives. He established the Foundation to give back to society by contributing to the betterment of the nation. He aspires to repay the outpouring generosity and affection that he acquaints during an ongoing painful time for his family.

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