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Bhav Shinde

Bhav Shinde is 3 years and 6 months old. On 20 August 2020 was admitted to KALAWATI SARAN CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL due to severe symptoms like fatigue, extreme hunger, weight loss, and increased urination. During the screening, Bhav was diagnosed with DIABETES TYPE 1.

Type 1 diabetes in children is a condition in which the child’s body no longer produces an important hormone (insulin). To survive a child requires external insulin through injections or with an insulin pump.
For the Bhav family, diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in children is overwhelming, especially in the beginning when it’s sudden and at a young age. There’s no cure for type 1 diabetes in children, but it can be managed through continuous monitoring of insulin level and medication.

The Devtara Foundation is making every effort to provide the best possible treatment to Bhav and helping the family to raise money to afford insulin which is important for Bhav in blood sugar management and improving quality of life. With your generous support, we were able to collect and help Rs. 7000 to Bhav Sinde family. Thank you all for being a part of the journey of helping the little child with your contribution.

Ones again, Bhav Shinde’s father approached Devtara Foundation for help of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only). You can be part of the journey of helping the little child with your contribution. Help Bhav Sinde by contributing to support him buy insulin injection and other medication.

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